David B. Smith
Born 1977, Washington, D.C
Lives: Brooklyn, NY
MFA : Bard College

2019 Textile Arts Center, New York, NY
2017      Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY
              Marble House Project, Dorset, VT
2016      Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN
              The Art and Law Program, NY, NY
2015      Apex Art International Fellow, New Zealand
2010      BOFFO Studio Program, NY, NY
2009     Waterpod, NY, NY
              Harold Arts, Chesterville, Ohio

2019 Cave Dwellers, Spring / Break Art Show, New York, NY
Cloudminders, Geary Contemporary, New York, NY
2018      Soft Bodies, Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY
Under the Surface, LMAK Gallery, New York, NY
              Sampler, Planthouse Gallery, New York, NY
2017      Memory Palace, 42 Social Club, Old Lyme, CT
2016      The Unseen, 56 Henry Gallery, New York, NY
              The Seer, Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY
              Extruded Daydream, Spring Break, New York, NY
2015      Seeing Backwards, Calico Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014      Trip, 67 West, Brooklyn, NY
2012      Eleven Hands Clapping, Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn, NY
2009     Megabusk, Envoy Gallery, New York, NY
              Before and After, HQ Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2019 Textile Biennial, Museum Rijkswijk, Holland
Soft Grit, LoBo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 11222
2018    Center for Adult Swaddling, Yale School of Nursing, New Haven, CT
The Hippies, Meantime Co., Brooklyn, NY
Under the Stairs, Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY
The New Non, Flux Factory, Queens, NY
              Home Edition, Essex Flowers, New York, NY
2017      The Socrates Annual, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY
              Soft Opening, Grand Opening Gallery, Denver, CO
              Ear Putty, 56 Henry Gallery (Annex), New York, NY
              In Search of Lost Time, International Center of Photography, NY, NY
              Thread by Thread, LMAK Gallery, NY, NY
              Piles, Stacks, Lumps and Mounds, Chinatown Market, NY, NY
2016      Wrapping, LMAK Gallery, New York, NY
              Mi Casa, Tu Casa, Johannes Vogt Gallery, NY, NY
              Olimpia’s Eyes, Zevitas Marcus, LA, CA
2015      The Future is Forever, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
2014      This Might Not Be for Now, Skowhegan Alliance, Brooklyn, NY
              Still Life with Woodpecker, Halsey McKay, Easthampton, NY
              Art Show Today, Planthouse, New York, NY
2013      Make ’em Laugh, 323 Projects, Los Angeles, CA
              reMap 4, Athens, Greece
2012      Fuel for the Fire, Zwirner Gallery, NY, NY
              Audio Light Leap, Renaissance Projects, Brooklyn, NY
              (e)merge Performance Series, Washington, DC
2011       The Outsider, Asia Song Society, NY, NY
              Mobile Uploads, Esopus, NY, NY
              Low Tide Chorus, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY
2010      Manual Transmission, NADA Miami, FL
              Untitled Television, John Connely Presents, NY, NY
              Exquisite Landscape, International Center of Photography, NY, NY
              Waterpod, Exit Art, NY, NY
              La Cueva Cristal, Mark Morgan Perez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2009    Fall Collection, PS1, Queens, NY
             Open Call, Location One, NY, NY
2008    Beijing Triennial, Beijing, China
             Emergence, Governor’s Island, NY, NY
             Ides of March, ABC No Rio, NY, NY
2007    Come One Come All, Third Ward, Brooklyn, NY
2005    Waterways, Venice, Italy
 G-77 Sentinel Division, Scope Art Fair, East Hampton, NY

Seven Noteworthy Booths at Spring / Break Art Show, Maake Magazine, March 2019
Spring Break 2019: Best Booths Show Its Offbeat Heart, Observer, March, 2019
A Look Around the Spring / Break Art Show, Art News, March, 2019
Puzzelachtig in elkaar grijpende vormen, Textile Plus (Netherlands), May, 2018
Socratic Methods, Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Spring 2018
The World is Falling Apart but at Least You Look Cute ... Fanzine, November 11, 2017
New Sculptures at Socrates Sculpture Park, Timeout NY, September 29, 2017
AI Dreamgirls...Color this Post-Internet Group Show, The Creators Project, July 2, 2016
Art Rules, New York Times, March 4, 2016
Spring/Break, Hyperallergic, March 3, 2016
Episode 544, Bad at Sports, March 24, 2016
This Show May Leave You Singing, Washington Post, October 5, 2012
David B. Smith as Doom Trumpet, East City Arts, October, 2012
Manual Transmission Miami at NADA, Miami New Times, December 2010
Life, Art, and Chickens, Afloat in the Harbor, New York Times, August 12, 2009 

2018       Fired Up! Ready to Go! The Collection of Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Rizzoli, NY
               Sampler (Exhibition Catalogue), Planthouse Gallery, NY, NY
2016       AV 004: David Smith, (Artist book with cassette) 2016, Art Vandelay, NY, NY
               107 West 28th Street, (Edition of photographs), Planthouse Gallery, NY, NY
2012-15  Secret Smith Studio, (Collaborative print editions) Brooklyn, NY
2014       Kypseli #4 (Artist Book), Athens, Greece

2012-15     Instructor: Pratt Pre-College Program, Brooklyn, NY
2009-13    Adjunct Professor: SUNY Old Westbury, NY
2012          Visiting Artist: The Cooper Union, NY, NY; 
                  Visiting Artist: NYU ITP Program, New York, NY; 
2010        Visiting Artist: ICP/Bard College, New York, NY; Hunter College, NY, NY

2019 Lecture at SUNY Old Westbury, New York
Textile Workshop, Textile Arts Center, New York, NY
2018 Meditation Workshop, CFAS, New Haven, CT
2017    Panel on Public Sculpture, Hunter College

2014    Secret Smith Studio - (Collaborative Portfolio Project)
2012    $, Issue 98, www.culturehall.com
            Status Updates, Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn, NY
2011     Sticks and Stones, Issue 73, www.Culturehall.com
            Playing Making Recording, David Smith Project, Brooklyn, NY
2010    Showlo So?, David Smith Project, Brooklyn, NY
            Solemnity of the Ascension, Convent of St. Cecilia, Brooklyn, NY
2009  Silent Pictures, Issue 28, www.Culturehall.com
           Closing Ceremony, Boffo, Brooklyn, NY
           Collaboration Collapse, Boffo, Brooklyn, NY
           The Last Waltz, HQ Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
           Megabusk, Envoy Gallery, New York, NY
2007  Videogarden, ICP Studios, Queens, NY
           Natural Reaction, TLC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY